Swansea 2019

IMPT 29th Scientific Congress

Congratulations to all the award winners:

The Win De Ruiter Delft Plate

- Jessica Smith (Nottingham)

The Mount Vernon Award

- Kirtsy Galt (Glasgow)

The President’s Award

- Jessica Smith (Nottingham)

The Kidd Award

- Jaqueline Froman (France)

The Ian MacLeod Alumno Award

- Jordan Abassi (Nottingham)

Technovent First Time Lecturer Award

- Jeannine Linha (Vienna Austria)

The IMPT Travel Fellowship

Emma Worrell (East Grinstead)

Sara Guerrero

The Brian Conroy Award

Heidi Silk (Poole)


A huge thank you and congratulations goes to the organising committee for running such a wonderful conference.

Thanks also to all delegates, contributors and the corporate sponsors.


Award winner details shall follow shortly

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