Continuing Professional Development



At the IMPT 2003 Congress the members voted to implement a system of Continual Professional Development (CPD). The start date for members to accrue CPD hours was from the 1st January 2004. Matching requirements from the GDC from 1st August 2008 (1st registration of DCP’s) then superseded this successful program.

The guidance from the IMPT Council is that all practising members must register with the GDC and follow the CPD requirements as laid down for Dental Care Professionals (DCP). A summary of the requirements is shown here but more information can be obtained from the GDC.

Individual members are responsible for their own CPD. It is not the responsibility of the IMPT to maintain a register of CPD or monitor compliance.

Forms are available here on useful facts, recording your study and also certification of events.

How many CPD hours do I have to do?

You must complete and keep records of, at least 150 hours of CPD over five years. A minimum of 50 of these hours must consist of verifiable CPD. The GDC may ask you to send evidence that you have met these requirements at the end of the five-year cycle.

Your records will be the evidence that you have complied. Currently an annual request is made by the GDC to submit your totals of verifiable and non-verifiable hours.

What is verifiable CPD?

This is CPD that meets all of the GDC’s educational criteria and where your participation can be verified by an appropriate third party. The educational criteria are:

  • The activity must have concise educational aims and objectives
  • The activity must have clear anticipated outcomes
  • There must be an opportunity for you to give feedback on what you think of the training

It is your responsibility to check with the course provider that the activity meets the educational criteria and to get a certificate. If you don’t, you can’t count the activity as verifiable.

What is general CPD? (Non-verifiable)

Activities which are of benefit to your continuing professional development but which are self-directed (study on your own) or which do not satisfy all of the verifiable CPD criteria, can be recorded as general (non-verifiable) CPD. This will typically involve activities such as journal reading, attending staff briefings as well as any research you carry out that will contribute towards your professional development.

For more information on CPD requirements contact the Education Officer.